Dust Chapter, Amanda Gaye Smith

Streams-8-Autumn-Streaming_IMG_5525-resizeAutumn Streaming, 20X45, watercolor, Gary Buhler

 Audio for “The Dust Chapter,” Amanda Gaye Smith


The Dust Chapter*

There was a romance between seeding grass and truck beds
in the rained-out junk yard. We rubbernecked their love like road kill.
Counted trees canopied to death by caterpillars.
Infantries of jelly orange mushrooms spread.
An old shed bent to the will of vines
swimming through its gutters. Tables bowed,
scaled by lizards lipping the dishware.
We didn’t find
the gull feathers stuck to our mud flaps and headlights
until it was time for gasoline on our way home.

Amanda Gaye Smith
*Previously appeared in the Blast Furnace Review on 12/29/2012:  http://www.blastfurnacepress.com/2012/12/blast-furnace-volume-2-issue-4.html


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