2 poems by Jon Pierce

                                                             ?  – 1
                                                             What’s what? Adios. The world 
                                                             was thought; immortality, 
                                                             80,000 beds. Numbers

                                                             were children, each one a home.
                                                             Honey closed little, little 
                                                             paths: long faults too dark to know. 

                                                             What’s what? Adios. The world:

                                                             Song Immemorial

                                                             Adieu trout. Nevermore night across
                                                             long whispers of rain. Forgotten once,
                                                             dear ground, mother’s tiny stone: the moon.

                                                             House, roofless; here, a door: a bird of
                                                             salt, a minnow of night’s forgiveness.

                                                             A goose is no heron; a graveyard,
                                                             no home. Of salmon in rock shadow
                                                             resurrection means love-light so small.

                                                             No more whistle of farewell. In moonlight
                                                             Half-here seeds of yesterday: thoughts.

                                                             J. Pierce


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