No Skin of Blue? by Carolyn Srygley

Blue and White by Jim Fuess

                                                      No Skin of Blue? 

                                                      Is it true      there is no skin there     no bodies
                                                      of planets circling     no galaxies
                                                      inseminating themselves      like annelids.
                                                      Is it true     blue could not touch blue     & shoots
                                                      of green would not spring from      a touch of yellow.

                                                      I heard a song     if nobody ever said my name
                                                      my name    would not exist    would be the emblem
                                                      of nothingness     my eyelashes not collecting
                                                      the rain.      If you knew me    for the first time
                                                      what would you call yourself?      If all you knew was

                                                      sounds    more sounds      as if we met
                                                      there    without skin    only the parody of
                                                      purity.      Kiss me      as if love was the easiest thing
                                                      to do      kiss me     as if heads of state
                                                      were not falling    elsewhere     kiss me    as if
                                                      trees had never been used     to bear a noose.

                                                      Carolyn Srygley  

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