Contributors, Issue No. 9

Contributor Notes for Issue #9

David Appelbaum

David Appelbaum is a writer who lives in the Shawangung Mountains. His recent books include Jiggerweed (Finishing Line Press), Everyday Spirits (SUNY Press), and Window with 4 Panes (Codhill Press).

Laurie Byro:

Laurie Byro has been published widely, has won or placed in over 30 IBPC competitions (judged notably by: Mark Doty, Tony Barnstone, Kwame Dawes and Ha Jin) and, because of her poetry, was named the Poet Laureate of Allendale NJ by the Borough’s mayor.

Zachary Hamilton

Zachary Scott Hamilton is the author of fourteen Zines, including Temple of Sinew, The Orchestra of Machines, Wallet of Hexagons and HAIR LAND (named Zine of the month by the Independent Publishing Resource Center). His work appears in varies magazines including: Ignavia Press (issue 4.1), Otiliths (a journal of many e-things), Sein und Werden and Karawane magazine. He recently went on tour with the band Holy! Holy! Holy! and installed artwork with partner Molly Pettit for a photo series, which appears online at his website

Ramona Itule-Patigian:

Ramona Itule-Patigian is a recent MFA graduate living in Berkeley, CA with her boyfriend and cat. Her work has appeared in Quantum Poetry Magazine, Bijou Poetry Review, and is forthcoming in Boston Literary Magazine. She loves live music and fruit.

John Johnson:

John Johnson’s poems have appeared in BOXCAR Poetry Review, Chaparral, The Comstock Review, DMQ Review, and Verse Wisconsin. He lives in Petaluma, California.

John C. Nash:

John C. Nash finally settled down as a self-employed bookbinder and writer in Northampton, UK. His work has been published in various online and print magazines including Antiphon, Cake and Ink, and Sweat and Tears.

Bobby Parker:

Bobby Parker’s critically acclaimed books, Ghost Town Music and its sequel Comberton, are available here, with a selection of old and new work due to be published as a pamphlet by Holdfire Press in October 2012.

Simon Perchik:

Simon Perchik is an attorney whose poems have appeared in Partisan Review, The New Yorker, and elsewhere. For more information, including his essay “Magic, Illusion and Other Realities”, and a complete bibliography, please visit his website at

Tim Timmerman:

Tim Timmerman was born in Phoenix, Arizona in 1966. Tim got his MFA from WSU at Pullman, was hired by Grand Canyon University in Phoenix to teach art and chair the department. He has had over twenty solo exhibitions from DC to LA, and has participated in over fifty invitational, juried and group exhibitions. Art for him is an integral part of the human experience and continues to be a place to be authentic and share the irony and blessings of life in all its beauty and mess. Tim has taught art at George Fox University in Newberg, Oregon, since 2003.

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