The Graffiti said “Bunny,” Anthony Rintala


The Graffiti said “Bunny”


So we weren’t so surprised
when one stretched out
of the shadow of the tagged sign,
as in Elizabeth’s “Armadillo,”
short-eared, but unlit, dun.

A dollop of mud dried
on a hem of some khaki drab,
uncreasing itself unceasing
along the curb, scared to cross.
No inscape to its clay coat,

dull replicant of a billion
bunny others, and yet,
the whole sky clamped down
on the ears’ unsure twitch.
Its skitter the story of generations.

There is a perfect worth
in the soft sketch and pant,
the noteless noted.
Whole mythologies flex brave
and bolt at apt intersections.

Anthony Rintala

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