Welcome to Issue #3


Welcome to Triggerfish #3. A fledgling’s second step is probably an extension of the first but the third entails a certain satisfaction and confidence along with an adjusted vision towards spaces to perhaps reach into. We believe this may be our best Triggerfish so far and we wish to thank our contributors who are mainly responsible for the appeal our journal may have to you, our readers, to whom we also express our sincere appreciation.

In this issue we are proud and pleased to present a selection of work from our friend and featured poet, Brenda Levy Tate. Brenda is an accomplished and saluted poet and we also offer here a sampling of her photography, another of her artistic talents. Thank you, Brenda.

We feel we have a fine selection of poems here with a variety of themes and styles. The poems come from widely published poets and also from those published here for the first time. Also included are our selection of essays, reviews, and photos.

We would be happy to hear from our readers and we are always looking for submissions of your best work.

J.S. MacLean

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