Emptiness Man by William Fairbrother

Emptiness Man 


memory slower than virtue
empathy rambles in his veins
more erect than a triangle…

able to leap tall people
after several tries (from knocking them over)

[an army of angels lip-synching to ‘Hallelujah’ – because they’re mute]

faster than a bullet train to
nothing new to troll

spends most his days as medium-managed
Joris Gluefunct, but on occasion,
slipping into port-o-potties
wrestling his clothes down, he dons
a neoprene semi-gothic fetishist’s dream…
and becomes “Emptiness”

emerging, sucks the life out of all criminals
(and we are all criminals)
desperate to impress Goya, the painter,
though he’s been dead for many a year…

that’s true love

armed with only superpowers he avenges where others A

surrounded by asphalt and concrete
you’ll often find him in some forest
confessing to trees…

or, as his other self, deriding the fall of democracy
in articles no one reads, which he hasn’t written

there is always the choice of being the son of God…
but he considers that choice a wasteland, and demurs

he is, after all, the superheroes’ superhero
one E away from eternal forgiveness
for every act he’s accused of –
including the deaths of women and children.


William Fairbrother

                                 photo by Don Zirilli

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