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William Doreski’s most recent collection of poetry is Waiting for the Angel (2009).  His work has appeared in many journals, including Massachusetts Review, Notre Dame Review, The Alembic, New England Quarterly, Harvard Review, Natural Bridge.

Heather Napualani Hodges received her BA in English with a focus in creative writing from Lewis & Clark College, in Portland, Oregon. She is currently working on a collaborative visual art/writing installation project entitled Pieces, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with visual artist Julie Jansen. Each day something is created, placed carefully, then left behind. (

Eliza Kelley is a Dakota portrait artist, writer and teacher in Buffalo, NY.  Her work centers on the voices of the nameless, dead or alive, the ones who invent new street dances, play guitar at the metro, and sing vodka lullabies to donated tombstones. Her work has received awards from PEN America, New England Writers, and most recently a Pushcart Nomination in Poetry from New Verse News. Her fiction, poetry, and essay publications appear in RKVRY, Yellow Medicine Review, Pedestal, CONTE, Origami Condom, and Trillium, among other magazines, journals and anthologies.

Kathy Lerner is a student and fledgling poet at Fairhaven College, tucked away in the forests of NW Washington State. She hopes to one day work with children and youth from diverse backgrounds, using the medium of creative writing for personal and community healing, empowerment, and transformation. Her work has appeared in Bartleby Snopes, and is set to be published in a number of other publications.

Ben Van Loon holds Bachelors degrees in both Creative Writing and Philosophy from a small liberal arts university on the North side of Chicago. He spends his time writing, reading, watching movies, and working on bikes in no respective order.

Mal is a persona created by federal bunco squad agents investigating on-line poetry site scams, most notably e-zines like Ponzi Po, The Madoff Press, The Pea and the Shell, and Now Culture. He’s a composite character, being parts Joe Friday, Gregory Corso and a North Dakotan accordion player wearing a curling league jacket. His new book of children’s poems is titled Mr. Rogers’ Secret Closet.

Rafael Miguel Montes is a Cultural Studies professor at St. Thomas University and a Cuban-American writer living and working in Miami. His literary work reflects his dual upbringing in the Cuban-American community of Hialeah, Florida, and the academic communities of a number of institutions of higher learning. His poetry has most recently appeared in Tattoo Highway, Conclave: A Journal of Character, The Honey Land Review, Mastodon Dentist and DASH. He is married to the far superior Cuban-American poet, Celia Lisset Alvarez.

Pam O’Shaughnessy is an ex-lawyer and current mystery/thriller novelist based in Santa Cruz, California. Her first book of poems, Flying at Sea-Level, was published in 2007. She is currently editing a poetry anthology, Burning Gorgeous: Seven 21st Century Poets, to be published in January, 2010. She has been workshopping poems on The Critical Poet for six years.

Séamas Patrick Patten came to reside in the Midwest by way of Ireland, Australia and happenstance. He lives in a one-room flat, where he is kept by a cat named Danny. He is an avid runner. This is the first time he has offered his work for publication.

After performing both music and poetry around the Boston area for twenty years, Derek Richards shed his fear of rejection and began submitting his work this past August. So far his poetry has appeared in over thirty-five publications, including; Lung, Word Riot, Cantaraville, Soundzine, The Centrifugal Eye, Opium 2.0, Sex and Murder, Calliope Nerve, Right Hand Pointing, Breadcrumb Scabs, Tinfoildresses, Poets Ink,The Foundling Review and Underground Voices. He has also been told to keep his day job by Quills and Parchment. His dog, cat and two ferrets admire his attempts to be honest, direct, brilliant and lucrative. Also, he wants you to know that he has compiled over 50 fantasy sports championships. Happily engaged, he resides in Gloucester, MA, cleaning windows for a living.

Erica Romkema has an M.F.A. in Creative Writing and Environment from Iowa State University. She grew up in the rural Midwest and knows the best and the worst of the region – – its small communities and emphasis on family, the rise and fall of farms, areas of poverty and affluence, the cold winters and unpredictable summers. She often loves this place and sometimes hates it, but mostly, she has learned to explore its spaces, to seek out what might be worth finding.

Rae Spencer: I am a writer and veterinarian living in Virginia. My poetry has been published in The Healing Muse, The Chaffin Journal, vox poetica, Bolts of Silk, Autumn Sky Poetry, Emprise Review, and other journals.

Brenda Tate lives in rural Nova Scotia, Canada, and much of her writing revolves around this setting. Brenda’s poetry has been included in various print and online publications, and she has won or placed among the finalists in competitions including Poetry Superhighway Contest 2009, Winning Writers War Poetry Contest, Rising Tide Poetry Competition, and IBPC. Two of her poems were concurrently named as finalists in the IBPC 2007 Poem-of-the-Year runoff. She has published a full-length collection (Cleansing, 2005 – Rising Tide Press) and a chapbook (Beeline, 2007 – Lopside Press). Brenda also has completed a manuscript of more recent work for which she will soon be seeking a publisher.

In the delicious freedom of her retirement from teaching (drama and English), she enjoys collecting fossils, gardening, singing and photography. She can also – finally! – find the time to read whatever she wants without being expected to teach it later on.

Parker Tettleton is an English major on a quest for a P.H.D. He enjoys playing scrabble when he isn’t writing or fulfilling other higher priorities. His favorite month is October and he is a Leo. He resides in a suburb of Atlanta with his girlfriend and their goldfish.

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