Letter from the Editor

Rosemary Bailey, WC 26

Letter from the Editor

I admit that I don’t spend much, if any, time reading letters from the editor.  Truthfully, most letters I get from editors are rejections of my submissions.  As such, I’ll keep this brief–hey, we’re here for some poems and some pictures and some commentary, but then we’ve got other things to be getting on with.

And it’s those other things that, I think, make the poems in this issue so pleasurable: in one way or another, all of the poems collected here work to engage the hard, unruly, and wonderful world.  Sometimes the consideration is sorrowful, sometimes funny, sometimes serious, sometimes direct, and sometimes oblique, but it’s always there, always driving toward contact and understanding.

I am grateful to David Mehler for inviting me to edit this issue of Triggerfish Critical Review.  I have absolutely relied on his advice and guidance; he’s a wonderful teacher.  I am also very indebted to Massimo Fantuzzi, whose insights regarding the submissions have been invaluable.

What I’ve liked best about editing the issue is getting to meet the contributors.  I’ve had a great time working with them and corresponding with them.  I’ve also enjoyed working with our featured artist, Ms. Rosemary Bailey, who is super-genuine and super-delightful.

I hope you enjoy the issue.  And don’t be a stranger–drop me a line sometime.

Jared Pearce

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