Calvin Jolley, This now eternal eve

Rosemary Bailey, Wat 2


This now eternal eve

I wanted to look
like a writer

               so coiled pages
               into my back pocket

like I did when
youth was endless

               so any sky
               a poem.

You called me a troll
who uses literature

               to beguile
               young women.

I shook my shoulders
at your indecency.

               You shook yours
               at my age,

bragged about
a degree from


I discouraged

               pointed to modesty
               as an ideal,

a discipline.

               you began again.

                                                                  Now me:  

I believe in
eternal verities

               but sometimes old writers
               must weaponize verse

to destroy imposters,
pseudo-academic philosophers.

               Sometimes truth is
               as a thing appears:

your big red hair
of a million selfies;

               robotic eyes,
               blue like tin;

your height a hunch
beneath the stalled sun

 of this now
eternal eve.

Calvin Jolley



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