A Whittenberg, The Shower

Rosemary Bailey, Pastel 6


The Shower

It’s winter.
The water runs cold
She is about the blizzards
She imagined as a child
How she’d think of herself trapped
And far from home, the spring
With its gentle rain never coming,
Those summers with their nights
Of heat lightning
Court and spark.

A Whittenberg


Review by Massimo Fantuzzi

“She is about the blizzards”—in my opinion, one of the strongest lines of the issue. Courage, scuffle, care, delicateness move against the backdrop of natural elements and their dramatic seasonal rhythm: the very same forces that have been forged poetry for millennia and, with it, triggered our imagination around the fireplace of a faraway home.

Poetry: watching time caught in a kaleidoscope from the solitude of a snow globe.  Dispersing sparks comes as part of the process.

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