Aerial Desire by C. Albert

“Aerial Desire”  C. Albert
first published in Woman Made Gallery, Her Mark

                                                                            how to silence rulers 

                                                                            to make a collage 
                                                                            with right angles 
                                                                            that fit into a frame 

                                                                            measure carefully as sides 
                                                                            expand and contract 
                                                                            with hungry 

                                                                            middles whose mouths 
                                                                            eat feet 

                                                                            try to count how many 
                                                                            cross the sky 

                                                                            inches lose 
                                                                            track of the years 
                                                                            since you or I 
                                                                            climbed a tree 

                                                                            paper crumples 
                                                                            shadow of hand 
                                                                            over a crooked smile 

                                                                            there’s only 
                                                                            a scissor edge 
                                                                            between us

                                                                            C. Albert


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