Art of Ascent by Emeniano Acain Somoza Jr.

                                            Art of Ascent

                                                                              to undo a mis
                                                                            sacred as a stifled longing
                                                                          A moment inside the box

                                                                      laid out before us.
                                                                    among an array of plans
                                                                  from the daily flights we choose to chase

                                                              dinner date, dance, or kiss, this tasteful sin
                                                            as the dress worn on firsts & mosts?

                                                        on top of a dresser, as inconspicuous
                                                      heaven is a secret box
                                                    one foot at a time, or eyes on the front?
                                                  the way of stairs shows us
                                                All roads at one point should converge
                                            Emeniano Acain Somoza, Jr.

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