Retribution by C. Albert

“Retribution”   C. Albert


                                                                         Her brother dared to say
                                                                         he would marry me. 
                                                                         She spit on him,
                                                                         I’m not leaving you a thing!
                                                                         She hated my pale skin.

                                                                         Turned out her fortunes 
                                                                         were sucked empty
                                                                         by her own lover,
                                                                         the one man she had trusted.

                                                                         The night she died,
                                                                         I dreamed she gave me an egg.
                                                                         I thought it was hard-boiled;
                                                                         I was about to peel the shell
                                                                         and take a bite
                                                                         when she demanded it back. 
                                                                         I threw the offering at her.
                                                                         Years of yellow rage
                                                                         slopped down her face.

                                                                         C. Albert


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