Manhattan Smog Stupefies by Elissa Leichter

                                         Manhattan Smog Stupefies
                                         the skyline as transient workers
                                         shade eyes with their New York Times. Underground vibrations
                                         shiver bones and elevate thoughts. As moments are entered,
                                         they remove their boots. Trying to still
                                         a man stoops; becomes farsighted. Details approach. 
                                         Violin strings snap loose, the feverish kind, until lenses refract. 
                                         A strange power to tug, tweak and tune quietude with an extending
                                         bow towards fields where horses resolve.
                                         The caretaker in rhythmic strokes brushes my hair, ties a ribbon.
                                         Those days I was impressionable,
                                         feared god and my parents. Today

                                         it is a relief to rid batteries from a robot

                                         and let it run wireless.

                                         Elissa Leichter                                                                                   

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