Dementia Aspic by Maureen Kingston

Japanese Garden Flowers by Randall Arthur

                                                                                   Dementia Aspic 

                                                                                   I pour her
                                                                                   white matter
                                                                                   into a chilled
                                                                                   glass bowl,
                                                                                   dissolve it
                                                                                   with boiling
                                                                                   water, add
                                                                                   ice cubes
                                                                                   to thicken.
                                                                                   The savory
                                                                                   brain jelly
                                                                                   her dried
                                                                                   her dormant
                                                                                   memory seeds,
                                                                                   until they burst
                                                                                   forth in desert
                                                                                   bloom, fleeting
                                                                                   ghost flowers
                                                                                   clinging to
                                                                                   gully walls.

                                                                                   Maureen Kingston  

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