November Wonder II by Colleen Jeffery

Fault Line by Randall Arthur

                                                             November Wonder II 

                                                             The sun set down in aisle three
                                                             just inside the lumber and garden entrance.
                                                             It stunned me clear over by the dairy cooler,
                                                             sun round as my eye behind the squint.
                                                             Red-gold light sprawled searing linoleum,
                                                             light bounced thick as steam
                                                             up into the passage.
                                                             People far down the aisle strolled through
                                                             like Shadrach in the king’s furnace,
                                                             shopping. Glory slapped their knees,
                                                             arced into their carts through wire mesh.
                                                             No one noticed. Nobody
                                                             went for the spill response kit,
                                                             the extinguisher, or a bucket.

                                                             Eventually I closed my mouth,
                                                             and found the milk.

                                                             Colleen Jeffery  

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