Things Understood Before Coffee by Heather Lazarus

Things Understood Before Coffee
by Heather Lazarus

…partially crowded sighs…

the black and whiteness of the torment, wisdom whispering soothsayers of nightfall, a light-footed seven-veil inversed, leaving memory heavily clothed in a snowsuit and snorkel

…delays due to a poor carp pile up
on Highway won…

that first jolt from the pillowworld, that whip kiss with its false promise of born againness, the wishful uncommitting of yesterday’s sins through similar steps

…and major damage from flash blooding…

and for a time, mind still released to wander the corridors of its rapidly slamming doors, habit prods the body into choosing its movements, that delightful molasses-freedom

…a drive-by shooing…

and then to spoil that smaller sweet-breath mist on Scooby-doo sheets, that artificial rising of cranky school crawlers, those dream-mourning yowlers

…with top officials under suspicion of

Clarity. This I understand, yoked to our own invention of simulated rhythms, we move through our day, straining to feel the backbeat of the verseless heavens

and back to you, Mike!


Fear and Loathing in Los Alamos by Jon Zowalki
Caligraphy ink, construction paper and fire.

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