Mother (prayer for my) by Leanne Drapeau

Mother (prayer for my)
by Leanne Drapeau

( )

no longer a self contained thing something too raw a sort of vibration around the edge like all her parts (the stuff you can’t control like molecules or particles) are angry so fucking angry they bleed into each other Rothko orange open wound face flushed wrinkles deep hair moving of its own accord holding remaining red too hard

( )

One thinks of people

who talk to trees

wear tinfoil hats

or fear shadeless windows at night

         (who knows if it’s their own reflection
or the darkoutside they can’t face)

who know their last or first or only chance lies in some meeting of that reflection and whatever
nameless . distant . close . brilliant . terrifying . Good . wild . force


in which all things hold together

( )

she falls asleep on the living room couch
under the living room window
the close dark falling heavier than her cares
dishes still in the sink
and the low buzz of the stove light singing
(at a lower frequency)
angels watchin over me my lord
while the fridge hums the harmony
her own frenetic vibrations quiet for a time
she is a child


Untitled by Jon Zowakli


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