Marvelous, Margaret B. Ingraham

Philip Kobylarz, A Certain Slant, Photograph




I marvel at how full
the light becomes
as it empties itself
on all it falls upon.

Margaret B. Ingraham



Review by Mykyta Ryzhykh

I was struck by how simple and short this verse is. This is completely different from Japanese and Korean poetic forms. We (writers) have a lot to think about.


Review by Jared Pearce

I think if there’s one thing the world could use more of, it a sense of gratitude, which might spring from noting the marvelous things in the world.  So I like this poem a lot because it reminds me to be grateful.  Nevertheless, I do think the poem is weak on one detail: I don’t see how light can empty itself because light, for me, is always full, always topped-up, never having an unclogged corner.


Review by Massimo Fantuzzi

The pure marvel at how falling is but rising, giving oneself fully is but the ultimate gain, and how draining ultimately means recharging couldn’t be depicted better. To find presence in absence, strength in the depletion and immolation of all strengths, enrichment in service, and life in the supernova of death. 



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