Anaphora, Joshua St. Claire

Chidago Canyon Petroglyph



I’ll let you in on my little secret. Each day, you just wait a few minutes more. Each time, you take a bit less. In a week or two, you’re skipping one. In a month or two, you’re skipping two. Then, in a little while, you get a nice clean day, here and there, with just black coffee and a smile. Smiles. Winks. Laughs. You never knew so many people would be smiling at you. Smiling with you. Smiling back when you smile at them. Smiling. Smiling. Smiling. You never knew there were so many smiles in the whole world. Pretty soon, you’re smiling and laughing and joking so much that you forget your mouth was made to do anything else.

serratus anterior mackerel sky

Joshua St. Claire

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