Sorting, Sue Chenette

Michael Diehl, Young One




stray shingles under the clothesline   sandpapery   wet corners curling
rust-coloured rug in the laundry room soaked
last night’s wind and rain

along the garage wall the raspberries droop   weighting the bramble      some fallen
how the ripe berry looses itself from its white core
red drupelets seeding the wet grass

tapestry handbag      yellow silk pin cushion      carried from the house in laundry baskets
this for Seniors Thrift Store    that for Saron Lutheran’s Rummage Sale
under the garage window    its soft liminal light

the morning fresh on the porch steps    close along the railing the familiar-unparsed shapes
Mom’s non-slip treads, scrolls within ovals within rectangles to fit
each stair      each foot-fall

Sue Chenette


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