Featured Artist’s Statement, Michael Diehl

Michael Diehl, On the Edge (Self-Portrait)


Hello, everyone. I’m Michael Diehl.


Some time back, Dave asked if I would share some of my photos and a little about myself. To start, photography is a family tradition. Passed down from my grandfather to my father, and then to me, you could say photography is in our blood. We have used this medium to express something dear to us: capturing an image that connects with people. For me, photography is wanting the image to mean something and to take you to that very place in time to experience its beauty for yourself. 

I began taking photos as a young boy, but the photos you are seeing are a collection that spans the last two decades. My renewed interest in photography came when my wife asked if I would take some photos to accompany articles she was writing for The Oregonian. I began spending more time photographing people, and I eventually found my place as a portrait photographer. While running this side business in addition to a full-time job, I realized I needed to maintain a certain creative side of me that can be found in the niche of landscape and wildlife photography. At my website (madphotostudio.com), you’ll find examples of my work – and you’ll also find quite a few photos from Cape Kiwanda on the Oregon Coast – a place my family dearly loves and considers a “home away from home”. 

Thank you for allowing me to take you on this journey, and I hope these poems and photographs fill the niche in your heart for the true beauty of words and images.


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