Letter From the Poetry Editor’s Desk

Letter From the Poetry Editor’s Desk

Are memories “things?”  Are experiences?  In the act of reading a poem reflecting on memory, do we create a new memory and experience, new things that we then vault in the cathedral of our minds?  Much of the work in this issue concerns itself with reflection.  All are experiences for the reader, whether the work is treading on the past, coming to terms with the present & future, or the experience is imagined, existing in interplay between the reader and the writer.  And there are poems of language, which confront us to think about how we go from experience to expression and back again, enlivening the symbiotic relationship that poets and readers share.

I offer my sincerest thanks to all the poets who submitted work, especially those who appear in Triggerfish.  It’s a privilege to publish your poetry.  A thanks to the efforts of the Editorial Board, whose hard-fought efforts, discussions and illuminations bring this journal forward.  And then there’s our Chief Cook & Bottle Washer, whose dogged pursuit of producing a journal ensured its completion.  And a final thanks to you, the reader, who will hopefully return again and re-acquaint yourself with the experience of reading these fine works.


Brendan McEntee



East 7th St
© Denise Porthun Jankauskas

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