Caribou dive dive we only have these moments by Steve Parker


Caribou dive dive we only have these moments
Steve Parker

does the mind rule the body
or does the body rule the mind
I dunno
—The Smiths

look it’s like something reached down
just for fun mangled the machinery
in two seconds of intervention
a two year old child wiping off an equation
it’s like forms of energy that can’t use

each other do you get that this is what
demons are what gods are they are

the difference the incompatibilities
of scale and form touch this you will
die it’s that easy to contact the spirit
world to roll over into upsided for tickling
goddamn there was only one chair in that

room i fell into it almost watching
that bigass submarine huge-nosed

there are so many words
that just don’t exist that are just out of reach
a plant on its way out unwatered death
nearby i stared at the ceiling i felt you

close about me close about me
Jane Austen removed all time
from her novels so they could be any time
unstuck pilgrim in a chair looking
skyward into death close about me
the feel of a rat in the mouth

of a rottweiler good god folks
this music hall echoes so loud
they swirl together these organs
by the beach the retirement home
well how exactly do you want to flail

face down in your grey chips
or face up into the plaster ceiling

with the monster eating your head
either way i love powerful love stories
in perfect English Caribou


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